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Sub-users and sub-groups can be created and managed in each account (Business tariff and above). You can create and edit users who only have access to their accountande.g. only to one domain. Please note that this menu item is only available if "User / group management" is activated. This can be found under "Available settings".


In the overview you can see the names and dates of the respective users, last login, when the user was created etc.

Clicking on the button with the green pencil takes you to the editing screen for the respective user; the account can be deleted using the red delete button.

Edit user

Here you can adjust and change the user's personal data, assign them to a group and manage the domain-access.

screenshot-1641850127701 (1).jpg

Access rights via groups

Here you can assign the user to a group, whereupon the corresponding group rights apply.

Access to domains

Here you can define which domain(s) the user may access.

With the combination of group rights and domain-access, you can define, for example, that the user can only access a specific domain and can only edit imprint- and data protection links there. You can find out more about this in the [Group administration] documentation (docs.ccm19.com/administration/groups/ "Group administration - CCM19 Cookie Consent Manager documentation").