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Enterprise / Agency Version

The Enterprise or Agency-version has various special features that are particularly relevant for larger companies or agencies. The use case is relatively similar in terms of use, as it is about managing various domains of different, mostly independent units.

Above all, there is the multi-client capability, the customer/client API, the maintenance of your own individual and cross-account cookie and script database as well as your own themes.

In addition, the Enterprise / Agency-version can also be implemented as a complete NoLabel-version, where both the frontend and the backend are completely individualized and there are no references to CCM19.

With the Agency-version, you also have the option of connecting CCM19 to your customer administration or creating and editing new customers via API.

Installation Enterprise / Agency-Version OnPremise

The installation of the Agency-version works in exactly the same way as the Download-version - the process is the same. You just get a special download-file and a special license key that allows you to use it.

The Enterprise version can also be used on a CCM19 subdomain, e.g. unternehmen.ccm19.de - simply contact our support team.

Enterprise / Agency Dashboard

The dashboard provides some basic information about the use of the agency-version. Firstly, how many customers are in the database and how many domains are being used. You will also see a small graphic showing the utilization of your CCM19 instance in the current month.


Further information can be found in the menu on the left.