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With this function you can define the embedding of a cookie-explanation-table in the content. You can embed this table anywhere on your page. The cookie-area on the privacy settings page is recommended.


Use the following code in your privacy policy or a similar page where you want the list of all configured embeds and cookies to appear. The placeholder is filled with the cookie-declaration-list as soon as CCM19 is loaded. The display language is automatically determined by the visitor's browser.

<div class="ccm-cookie-declaration">Please enable Javascript to see the list of all declared cookies and similar techniques.</div>

Use the following code if you want to display the table in a fixed language. (Replace de_DE with any language code configured and activated under Texts & Languages):

<div class="ccm<nt>-</nt>cookie<nt>-</nt>declaration" data-lang="en_EN">Please enable Javascript to see the list of all declared cookies and similar technologies.</div>

The list uses the styling of the enclosing website. Adjustments can be made by changing the CSS-stylesheets of your website or via Custom CSS in the "Theme" menu item.

Here you can set whether the standard texts are displayed and whether you want to display the "Consent-Change" link for the table. In the selection field, select the heading hierarchy with which the data is displayed so that it fits well in your DS.