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To install the Cookie Consent Manager from Papoo Software & Media GmbH for your WordPress-blog or your WordPress-website, simply follow the steps below:

Select Dashboard in CCM19

Log in to your CCM19 tool and look for the item "Integrate CCM19 into your site" on the dashboard. The code-snippet for your CCM19 installation is stored there.


Log in to WordPress

To integrate the Cookie Consent Manager into a WordPress-website, you only need to add a plugin. Log in to your WordPress-site as you are used to.

Select plugin

To install the "CCM19 Integration" plugin, select the "Plugins" menu item on the left-hand side of your WordPress-administration and then "Install". On the right-hand side (top), enter the keywords "CCM19" or search for it. "CCM19 Integration" is a free plugin for WordPress that integrates the CCM19 into WordPress. Install/activate the plugin for your website.


Set plugin

A new menu item should now appear in the menu on the left-hand side under Settings ("CCM19 Cookie-Consent"). Click on this menu item and then paste the codes-snippet from the CCM19 dashboard there. Now press "Save changes".



Et voila, the Cookie Consent Manager should now be installed on your WordPress-blog and show cookie messages.