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The settings icon at the bottom left bothers me, can I change/remove it?

The so-called settings icon is activated by default in our design templates, but can easily be switched off. To do this, go to the theme administration and deactivate the corresponding function for the theme you are using:


Further down the page, you can also replace the icon with one of your own:


Legally, you are obliged to offer the user the option of accessing the settings again and making changes at any time. If you remove the icon, you should at least add a text link instead, for example at the bottom of the page, which is displayed on every subpage. You can also find the link to open the banner under the menu item Dashboard & integration. It is a simple link with an anchor:

<a href="#" onclick="CCM.openWidget();return false;">Open configuration box</a>

Remove shadow

If the shadow behind the settings icon bothers you and you want to remove it, simply insert the following code as CSS:

/* Settings icon: Remove shadow */ .ccm-settings-summoner--link { box-shadow: none!important; }

Adjust position

To adjust the position of the settings icon, it is often sufficient to insert individual CSS. For example, use the following code to move the icon:

 /* Mobile: 15px spacing (bottom left) */
 .ccm-settings-summoner { 
   bottom: 15px; 
   left: 15px; 

 /* desktop: 30px spacing (bottom left) */ 
 @media screen and (min-width: 64.0625em) { 
   .ccm-settings-summoner { 
     bottom: 30px; 
     left: 30px;