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Privacy policy

According to the GDPR, the privacy policy of a page - just like the legal notice - must be readable by the user before consent is given. The visitor must not be forced to give their consent before they have seen this data.

You have the option of setting the link to the privacy policy directly. To do this, you must activate the setting "Privacy policy as link" in the following mask.


You can then enter the link to the privacy policy and it will be used in the frontend.

Show the widget on the page below

If you activate this switch, the widget will also be displayed on the privacy policy page. However, this is not useful in most cases, as the GDPR stipulates that access to the privacy policy page must also be possible without a banner.

The switch is therefore not activated by default. You should think carefully about whether this should really be used if you want to activate the switch.

Open in a new tab

If the switch is active, the links open in a new window with target="_blank".

Edit privacy policy

You can create and edit the privacy policy directly in the administration, on the following screenshot you can see the editing mask.

screenshot-2020.09.30-12_58_40-CCM19 - Cookie Consent Management Software.jpg

Privacy policy in the frontend

In order to comply with the GDPR, CCM19 offers the option of either linking the privacy policy (see screenshot) or making it directly accessible in the widget.

screenshot-2020.09.30-13_00_35-CCM19 - Cookie Consent Management Software.jpg

The link then opens a mask where the privacy policy of the page is displayed.

Direct display of the privacy policy