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Youtube videos and other iframes are not blocked on my site

YouTube videos are not automatically blocked, but require the use of our iframe blocker. This can be activated under the menu item "Iframes".

If elements are not blocked even when the iframe blocker is activated, there are two main reasons for this:

1. The CCM19 code is in the source code behind the iframe so that it has already been loaded before CCM19 has had a chance to block it. Make sure that the CCM19 code snippet is integrated as far up the page as possible and therefore before all iframe content.

2. The object to be blocked is not an iframe at all. Google Maps, for example, can be integrated as an iframe or as a div container. Visually, the two integrations sometimes hardly differ from each other. So check whether the object you want to block is really an iframe. Video providers are also increasingly providing options for integration without iframes.