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Plugins in CCM19

Plugins extend the basic functions of the CCM19 Cookie Consent Manager with any desired functions.

Why should this be necessary at all?

  1. There are always functions that are desired by some, but not needed by many. We have created a way to avoid adding more and more functions to the basic functions of the CCM19 tool that only a few customers need.
  2. As a result of the Privacy Shield ruling and in the context of the GDPR, it is often not possible to realize any data or integration into your own website or store. With the help of CCM19, at least basic functions of external service providers can be restored - and in compliance with the GDPR.

Where can I find the plugins?

Available plugins can be found in the administration under the "Plugin Manager" tab, where you will find a list in two tabs.

Installed plugins

Here you will find the list of installed plugins as shown in the screenshot.


Clicking on "Settings" opens the following screen:


You can activate the plugin directly for all accounts. As there is only one user in the download-version, this function is always activated there.

With the setting "Accounts / customers can and must activate the plugins themselves", you pass on responsibility for use to your customers. This function is not active in the OnPremise version, as there is only one user.

Available plugins can be found in the menu on the left.