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The e-mail area for the agency version has been expanded compared to the download version. However, the basic settings are identical and can be found here: Standard mail settings

Quota mails

If you use a quota for the access numbers, quota mails are automatically sent to the customers when the call limit is approached. You can set that the admin or another e-mail address receives a copy of the quota mails.


You can also set that customers are informed about updates by e-mail.

If you are using call limits, you can enter the percentage thresholds above which the respective emails are sent here.

Quota mails templates or content

The content of the quota mails can be preset here. The following variables are available: the syntax must be observed - the curly brackets are mandatory {{ varname }}.

Variables Content Use in
{{ uncontrolledData }} Shows the list of uncontrolled elements of the page, cookies, LocalStorage, etc. Sending once a week Mail for the cookies found
{{ callMaxCount }} The number of available calls in the selected tariff Mail for the cookies found
{{ quota }} The numerical value of the percentage consumption - i.e. if 94% is consumed, the variable contains the value 94 In the "Call Limit" mail
{{ domainvar }} The name of the domain for which the email was sent All email templates

Mail templates

The variables can be used in the body text of the mails.