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E-mail settings

CCM19 can send e-mails via its system. These are always status emails that are sent to the operator and provide information about various status changes.

Mails go out at

  • an update is carried out.
  • Reach a threshold value between 80 and 99% (depending on settings). In our cloud version, the thresholds are 80 and 95%.

Configuration of the mail dispatch

screenshot-2020.09.30-14_41_14-CCM19 - Cookie Consent Management Software (1).jpg

As can be seen in the screenshot, you can enter the typical data for a sending address here. The following shipping methods are available.

  • sendmail (no access data required)
  • SMTP dispatch (access data required)

Test dispatch

screenshot-2020.09.30-14_44_26-CCM19 - Cookie Consent Management Software.jpg

You can use the "Send test e-mail" button to send a test e-mail to the specified e-mail address. This allows you to check whether everything works.

Configuration SMTP dispatch

screenshot-2020.09.30-14_41_14-CCM19 - Cookie Consent Management Software.jpg

To be able to send SMTP correctly, you must enter your connection data here. With the "Autoconfiguration" button, CCM19 attempts to determine the necessary data such as server, format etc. itself.

We recommend using this function, usually only the password needs to be entered manually.