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Translations / Texts

In the "Texts & languages" menu item, you can specify which languages are to be used in the system and for the frontend. In the overview, you can see which languages are available and which are active.

screenshot-2020.09.30-11_34_20-CCM19 - Cookie Consent Management Software.jpg

Click on the green pencil icon to go to the editing screen.

Edit texts

You can see a section of the screen in the following screenshot. To (de)activate a language, click on the "Activate translations" button. If the switch is active, the language is available in the administration and in the frontend.

screenshot-2020.09.30-11_37_24-CCM19 - Cookie Consent Management Software.jpg

You can customize the texts of the cookie widget, the cookie detail page, the iframe blocker and the category texts. All elements can be found in the frontend - you can test which names work best here.

Even more extensive customization is also possible - but for this you have to go into the source code and programming.