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To install our Cookie Consent Manager for your Wix blog or website, simply follow the steps below:

Log in to your WIX account

Select website

In the overview for the websites, select the website in which you would like to integrate CCM19.

Open website administration

Open the settings in the website administration.

Open analysis tools

In the overview for the settings, open the "Analysis tools" item in the "Advanced settings" area.

Install CCM19 in the header area

You will now see three areas in which you can add tools. We would like to add the CCM19 in the header area, in the first position.

Select new tool

Click on "+ New tool" and select "Custom".

Install tool

First, select a name for the tool, e.g. "CCM19". Next, in the section for the code, insert the script for CCM19 (the image is only an example). Then select "all pages" in the "Add code to page" section and that the code is reloaded on each page. Now select the head area as the output. After saving the tool, make sure that CCM19 is in the first position and that no other tool is positioned before it.


Et voilà, the Cookie Consent Manager should now be integrated on your website and display cookie messages if the widget has been activated in the tool itself. Now you just need to configure it for your website.