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[!info] Internal documentation restructured &gt Since 10.07.2024 we have been working on the restructuring of our documentation. During the restructuring phase, there may occasionally be linking-, display- or other problems.\ Please check your links if you have linked to our documentation. &gt Thank you for your understanding.

Cookie Consent Manager CCM19

The certified cookie banner and script / tag management solution from a single source - with German-speaking & technically competent support. As a download, agency version or as a service! No data is transferred to US providers or stored there.

Sources of this documentation

This documentation explains all areas of CCM19 and is constantly being expanded. The sources of the documentation can be found on Github here: <https://github.com/CCM19/ccm19doks/&gt

You can correct errors and add to the documentation at any time, the only thing you need is a Github account.

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