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Import / Export Plugin

This plugin allows you to export certain data from one or more domains of a CCM19 installation via the backend. This data can also be imported again. All exported data is output as .json files and can of course be adjusted manually.

View in the domain overview


If you are in the overview of your domains, you have the option of exporting selected domains from your account and importing individual or multiple domains. At this point, you can only export all the data for a domain. In the respective domain view itself, you have the option of exporting only individual parts of a domain.



After you have imported one or more domains in the overview, you can choose what should happen to the domains from the uploaded file (to be able to fully control the import).


For each domain, you can either overwrite a domain by selecting its name, add a new domain or decide not to do anything with a domain from the file.

View in the domain


If you use the plugin in a domain, you now have the option of exporting and re-importing individual parts of a domain. However, pay attention to the info buttons for individual points, as these can provide important information about the behavior.


You also have the option of using an export file with several domains in the import of the view in a single domain, but only the currently active domain can be overwritten there. In the same way, it is also possible to use the file from the view of a single domain the other way round, even if not all data is necessarily contained in this export, the data that is in the file will be used.