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First steps

To get started with CCM19 you need either an account from our full-service area or a download version.

Full service version

Registering for the service version is very simple. You select the right tariff for you on the website in the section "Service version" and register with your data. You will then receive the data for logging into the system by e-mail or you have already entered the data beforehand.

If you already have an account on CCM19, log in to your existing account and navigate back to the service variant overview.

There you can then simply book the tariff that suits you and it will be stored in the system. You can then log into the CCM19 system and use it by clicking onLoginat the top right of our page. If you are using a download version, you must log in where you have installed CCM19.

You can find more information about logging in here: Login

Download version

The download version can be activated by ticking the desired tariff before purchase. You can find it on our website in this section: CCM19 Prices / Price Table


After ordering, you can simply download the tool from our website. Simply use this link or go here via the menu: https://www.ccm19.de/account/. Then click onDownloadin the small submenu and you can download your files there.

screenshot-2020.09.30-11_13_10-Account _ Download Version Login.jpg

If you have problems with the download or the files are not displayed, please contact our online support or send us an e-mail. In theLicensestab you will also find your personal license key, which you will need for the installation. All information on installation can be found here.