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CCM19 uses intensive caching of all components in order to make the necessary data available as quickly as possible. Time is money and if page views take too long, visitors bounce. In the cloud, the response-times are regularly around 30ms.

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On the screenshot you can see the different caches of CCM19 and how busy the respective cache is.

Not included in Full-Service

This function is not available to individual customersin the Full-Service variantas it is used globally by CCM19 across all accounts. This function is also carried out regularly on the server side.

Clear cache

You can delete the installation cache by clicking on the red "Delete all caches" button. Only the temporary files are deleted, there is no effect on the functionality. The cache will be completely recreated the next time the page is called up.

You can also delete the Zend OPCache and preview image caches individually if there are any particular problems.

If you notice an unusual problem in your CCM19 installation, delete the cache as a first step and test whether it has already been resolved. This often helps.