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A function on my website no longer works correctly since I have been using CCM19

The problem is that CCM19 is blocking a script that should not be blocked. This can have several causes.

Too restrictive settings?

You have made overly restrictive settings for blocking scripts under the "Developer settings" menu item.

In particular, the options to delete all unknown cookies, block new scripts or inline scripts can lead to undesirable behavior.

Deactivatethe functions mentioned once and test whether the error still occurs.

You also have the option of defining an exception for inline scripts so that a specific script is not blocked.

It can also help if you enter a text module from the script that is incorrectly blocked in the corresponding field.

Too general blocking text?

You have entered a text that is too general in the "Block scripts that contain the following text" field.

If, for example, you have entered a generic script component such as "var" here, it is possible that this may appear in another script on your page that should not be blocked.

Therefore, check under "Integrations & cookies" whether your integrations contain generic blocking commands and specify these.

Possibly an iframe problem?

The function is an iframe and this is blocked by our iframe blocker.

In this case, you can add an exception for the corresponding iframe in the CCM19 menu item "Iframes" or switch to the "Blocklist" blocking method, in which only selected iframes are blocked.