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What do I do with the results of the permanent crawler?

Despite correct configuration and completion of the quick setup, entries may occasionally be made in the permanent crawler. These indicate that critical content is still being loaded. This may involve cookies, local storage elements, scripts or other content. In order to continuously protect your site, you should check all entries. We explain the best way to do this here.

1. are the elements really loaded from my website?

As our scan works on the client side, it can sometimes happen that elements are already loaded in the user's browser before they enter your site. These can be cookies that the user is dragging along from other pages or individual configurations, for example, through an add-on in the browser. It is therefore advisable to briefly inform yourself about the cookie, the local storage element or the script. As a rule, a brief search with a search engine is sufficient to obtain more information. The permanent crawler also shows the exact URLs on which the elements were found. This helps you to check your own site.

2. act accordingly

If you notice that the listed elements cannot come from your site, simply click on the "Ignore" button. In future, these entries will no longer lead to a warning message and will not be listed again. Ignored entries can be deleted at a later date to reverse the setting.

If you realize that this provider has been forgotten, you can click on the "Apply" button. You then switch to the "Integration & Cookies" menu item and can add the cookie to an existing provider, add a new provider or add a provider from the database.

Scripts cannot be imported in this way. As soon as you have found out which provider it is, simply create an entry or open an existing entry and add a unique part of the script in the "Block scripts containing the following text" field. You can find out more about this function here.