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Advanced statistics

You can use the extended statistics to further analyze the statistical Consent data. The data is completely anonymized here - it is not possible to draw conclusions about individual data records.

Overview of the statistics

Here you can see the data of an example page from one of our many customer pages. This is a pure information page from the agricultural sector.


Use of the mask

At the top left, you can select whether the data should be displayed in absolute terms (i.e. the pure figures) or as a percentage.

The percentage values are only available for a few short periods in the past, as for a very long time only the approvals were logged, but no insertions. These were only counted for the respective month for accounting purposes and then discarded.

If no percentage values are available, a 0 is displayed in each case.

Select period

You can use the two selection fields at the top right to select the period and set the cumulation to days, weeks, months or years.

Interpretation of the data

In principle, the number of impressions is now calculated from all impressions of the screen. Visitors who leave directly and do not click on the screen are also counted, as are all those who interact with the screen.

Please note

The number of times the mask is displayed is only a subset of the number of times CCM19 is used. The script runs foreverypage view, as it must always check whether consent has been given or not. Only if there is no consent is the mask displayed and the above number of insertions is counted.

What do the numbers mean?

  • Calls:Number of calls to the CCM19 script on the server. Certain calls, for example from bots, can be excluded from counting as a "call" so that they do not burden the quota of page views in the tariffs.
  • Insertions:The number of views of the cookie banner widget with the widget displayed in a visitor's browser.
  • All accepted:Number of clicks on the "Agree" button in the widget.
  • Rejected:Number of clicks on the "Reject cookies" button in the widget.
  • Bounce:Number of users who saw the banner but left the website without interacting with it.

More detailed data is not listed, as generally only 0.1% - 1% of visitors also provide detailed information, but this is not statistically relevant.

If you use the option Show close button in your banner, users of this interaction are counted as having left.

Problems with the display of data

Sometimes there may be problems processing the data. If this is the case, simply click on the link "Import data from the archive". This problem is currently only known from the download versions.

Data selected by operating system and browser

As this data is always transmitted, it can also be displayed and analyzed without any problems. There is no DSGVO / personal reference.