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Call up the CCM19 dashboard for your domain and copy the code snippet that is used to integrate CCM19 into your store. Paste the copied HTML code (the code snippet) into your Shopware installation; follow the rest of these instructions.


Then switch to your Shopware installation. There, go toSettingsin the top menu and then toPlugin Manager. There you search for the pluginCCM19-Interationand install it in your Shopware instance.


Once the installation is complete, you can insert the CCM19 code snippet into the field provided. Please note that the "Block Google Analytics" option should be activated.


This completes the setup and CCM19 should now be active in your store.

Google Analytics

Then go back to CCM19. Call up your Google Analytics integration and add the following line to the source code of the integration:

<script src="/custom/plugins/SwagGoogle/Resources/frontend/js/jquery.google_analytics_plugin.js"></script>

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